Explore my gallery of illustrations & linocut prints - I am an artist with a light side and a dark side!

With a recent book commission for Ed Pulford & Hurst Publishers.

Rock Band illustration - letting out my metal side.

The lino-cutting process. Carving is a slow and careful activity, and is surprisingly meditative.

My favourite lino cutting tool made by Pfeil.

The Red Dress fashion illustration

The Queen linocut print

Historical Characters commission - a set of 8 custom characters for Eltham Palace

Sherlock illustration

Ruth Joyce art! Here I am with a custom Nursery Rhyme commission for a new baby.

The Rose linocut print

Snowboarder commission - a custom design for Shred Betties

Here be Monsters Linocut print

Drop 'n' Roll custom illustration

Personalised Hometown commission - Oakham in Rutland

La Morte linocut print

Hairstyles commission - a set of 4 custom designs for Stonebridge Hair

Personalised Travel commission - Paris in France

Peel and reveal! Lino printing in action

The Maths Superheros commission - a set of 12 custom characters for Oakham C of E

The Foxes personalised design

London Town illustration

The Skull and The Arrow linocut print

Jillian Mercado illustration

Custom Skater illustration

Black Lab commission

Eltham Palace illustration

The Urban Fox illustration

Custom Holding Hands Wedding commission

Snowboarder illustration

Poirot illustration

London Collage commission - a set of custom designs for Spitalfields Market

The Lady of London illustration

Gabi Fresh illustration

The Guitarist illustration

The Londonite illustration

Legal imprint