Learning about myself through #MarchMeetTheMaker 2019

9 random facts about me

Hello everyone! So recently I took part in the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge - it was great but very hard work. Planning and posting a picture for each prompt every day took quite a lot of work, as well as looking at posts from other creatives and interacting with them as much as I could. It was great though and I connected with some other fab makers out there, and even learned a thing or two about myself in the process!

One of the prompts was ‘about me’ and this really does make you think for a moment – ‘what makes me tick? What do I like?’. Life is so busy sometimes you forget about this sort of thing and how important it is, so it’s nice to have a reminder. In this spirit, here’s 9 random facts about me, RuthJoyceArt;

1) I bloody love a good lipstick. I used to get teased at school for having big lips but now I absolutely love 'em 

2) I find lino cutting very therapeutic, it helps me switch off a bit if I’m feeling stressed out or overwhelmed

3) I am quite a silly person I also love my tartan trousers!

4) My favourite time of year is autumn

5) I bloody love a nice bowl of porridge

6) I get very excited about medieval manuscripts and illustrations

7) I love reading a good book in bed with a cuppa

8) I order all of my bits like business cards and flyers from Moo ‘cause they rock

9) I absolutely love being by the sea – in the future I would ideally live much closer to the coast

Did you take part in #MarchMeetTheMaker or a similar networking hashtag online? Do you find it useful? Give me a holla I'd love to know what you think!

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